Carson Fleming

I am an experienced developer with a bachelor's in Computer Science from Stanford University. My skillset includes extensive experience in systems programming, full-stack development, unix, data science, and algorithm design. I have a history of employment ranging across the healthcare, entertainment, and security sectors, as well as an abundance of personal projects. Currently, I work as a Software Engineer at Palantir Technologies in New York City.

Though most of my primary focus projects are protected by corporate nondisclosure and/or the Stanford honor system, this website serves as a portfolio of interesting spare-time endeavors.

Penguin's Kiss

Penguin's Kiss is a fully-featured Command and Control framework written in Python. Harnessing encrypted client-server communication, asynchronous command distribution, support for multiple clients and controllers, and terminal emulation, Penguin's Kiss is the ultimate tool to manage your (legally-obtained) botnets with security and convenience.

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Bulletin connects high school and college student workers with odd jobs as an alternative to expensive professionals. Bulletin is no longer in service due to my co-founders and I taking on other responsibilities, so its source has been released to the public.

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deadbeef shell

With a compiled size of just under a kilobyte, deadbeef shell is a hyper-lightweight standalone command processor with applications in low-end hardware, internet of things, and security testing.

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Designed for use by hosting providers, MultiFlux is a fork of the popular lightweight bulletin board software FluxBB. MultiFlux creates the ability for multiple bulletin boards to be installed into the same set of files and data tables, while remaining virtually partitioned by their web addresses.

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Live Updates

Looks like I have no recent activity to display. Unfortunately the vast majority of my work is not publicly accessible. If you care to get in touch, I may be able to fill you in on what I've been working on.